03 February 2010

General Posting

Wow, how time is passing by. It is already a new year. So far this year I have found a maternal ancestor who is buried in France, having been killed in World War One. I also have been digging around a bit more into my mother's Radford and Coley side of the family. There is still lots to learn though.

I also have found that I can't go as far back as originally thought with my Parrish line after taking a DNA test for familytreedna.com. My line now stops at John Parrish 1694-1751. That is as far back as I can get. Oh well. Maybe one day I will get further back but until now I am satisfied with getting that far back.

Well that is it for now,

30 December 2009


Hello again everyone. Sorry I have been away for so long but you know how life can be, you get tugged in a thousand different directions. Anyways, I am writing today about some experiences I have had lately.

First, I have met two people through the Pitt County Historical Society who were doing research on my Nobles line and found out one of them has also done research on the Davenport line as well. I have enjoyed sharing information with these two people very much.

I also managed to get over to Nash County NC and get pictures of the gravestones and the house of the Nobles Family. In so doing, I found the grandparents of my grandmother Julia Page Parrish. That was exciting. Attached are pictures of their graves.

Also I was able to make a breakthrough with my Rawls line(maternal line) thanks to one of the researchers I was put into touch with by the Pitt County Historical Society.

14 August 2009

Found Another Website To Use

I am excited. I found another website to use thanks to Mrs Jackie Harper. She sent me an email with a link to a website called Footnote. It is a great website. I do not know how I didn't find it myself and why I hadn't heard of it before now. To make it even better they have the 1930 census for viewing for FREE until the end of August. I found several family members this morning on it.

So I just wanted to spread the news on here.

Running into uh oh's

In my previous post I mentioned how the flood of 1999 from Hurricane Dennis and Floyd destroyed records that were in the courthouse in Edgecombe County. It turns out that the state archives does have records for Edgecombe County during the period I am looking for. However, I will have to sit through a lot of microfilm/microfische until I find what I need. So needless to say I may be sitting there for a few hours.

There are many other courthouses not only in North Carolina but across the country, especially here in the South, where courthouse records have been lost to floods and fires.

Do not let this get you down. Look for other avenues to explore. Locate church records, graveyards, school records, check and see if your local libraries have any records. I know NC State University Library has many old books that record wills and census information and other important documents concerning the state of NC and its citizens.

So keep trekking on.

06 August 2009

So I got my grandma's death certificate today

So I went to Tarboro, Edgecombe County, NC today to see family and to get a copy of my grandma's death certificate. I also stopped by the cemetery to see grandma's grave. the grass has started to creep over the grave and in a few weeks I imagine it will be covered in grass and you won't even be able to tell that it's a fairly recent grave, well except by seeing the funeral home metal plaque that says her name and birth and death year.

So the death certificate lists the causes of death as
Immediate cause: End Stage Dementia with contributing factors of cerebrovascular disease, failure to thrive and hypertension. but the time of death is not recorded on it.

While at the courthouse I decided to look into my grandma's first marriage. But I was told all of those records were destroyed in the flood of 1999, so I was told to check the archives. So I am going to do that tomorrow or sometime next week.

31 July 2009

Pondering What To Do?

So a few weeks ago I received a letter from a distant relative who offered to help me gather some information on his side of the family. I called the number that was in the letter to me and we spoke for a few minutes about what he could help me with and about information I could pass to him.

Since that talk I have heard absolutely nothing from him via phone , email or postal mail. How long should I wait before I contact him again? Should I contact him again?

A posting about Ancestry

Hello again readers. Today's posting is about ancestry.com.

I have found ancestry to be valuable in getting a hold of death certificates and making connections with others who are researching the same family names. Using ancestry has helped me gather some information that I didn't have.

However, you must still be careful with the information that is shared by others as it may not be completely accurate. For instance I had someone on ancestry try and tell me that a great great aunts maiden name was Gwaltney when it was indeed Parrish. She happened to marry another Parrish(not related) but when they were doing the research they were afraid someone might think they were related and so they had made up a last name for her.

Yes I have found back in the 1800's that sometimes indeed cousins married each other. Whether they knew they were cousins or not, I do not know. But then again when your cousins are the only people around for miles and miles, its bound to happen sooner or later that you end up marrying one of them.

So no matter where you get your information, double check it for accuracy. Trust me it will save you from getting a headache later on.